I want to make
cool software.

I want to make
cool software.

I'm a software engineer based in Lisbon, Portugal

Oh, and my name is Filipe Larga.


About me

Hello! I’m Filipe Larga and I enjoy creating things that challenge both my technical and creative sides. I obtained my master’s degree from ISCTE, where I learned the fundamentals of computer science and software development, and obtained pratical experience by working in real life projects, such as the Sustainable Tourism Crowding project by ISTAR.

I am most experienced with mobile and front-end development but enjoy all things coding, and have a great appreciation for visual design. I work best in a team environment and enjoy being involved in all stages of the project.

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Let's chat!

I am currently available for a full-time opportunity in Portugal, where I can develop my skills and become a well-rounded software engineer.

Looking for inspiring team members, interesting projects and learning opportunities.